How to install Open VM Tools in Kali Linux


You can install Open VM Tools in Kali by running a command in the terminal and then restarting your computer for the installation to take effect. Installing Open VM Tools should give your VM (Virtual Machine) the ability to resize to full screen plus allow copy and paste of files and clipboard between the VM and your physical machine (host).

Step 1. Update your packages

Update old packages with the following command.

PS: It's not a must, it's just a good practice to ensure they are up to date first.

apt update

Step 2. Run installation command for Open VM Tools

apt -y install open-vm-tools-desktop fuse

Step 3. Reboot your VM (Virtual Machine)

Run the following command in a terminal to immediately reboot the VM.

reboot now

If the above steps didn't work then doing a full upgrade should help. Please run the upgrade command below using the following command and then repeat steps 1-3

apt full-upgrade -y


How to verify Open VM Tools is installed

You can run the following command which displays a list of all installed packages and then uses grep to extract names matching "open-vm"

dpkg -l | grep open-vm


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