How to fix a rotated screen in Kali Linux

Overview of how to fix a rotated screen in Kali Linux

You can use xrandr to rotate your screen back to a normal state. Additionally, you can use it to set the screen size and reflection of the outputs for a screen. xrandr is a Linux tool and is also relevant to other Linux distributions.


Command to run

Run the following command in a terminal and you'll be good again.

 xrandr -o normal

How to verify the command worked

Your screen should have immediately rotated back to the standard position after running the command. If it didn't then your issue may be more than a screen rotation issue or not. Try the following:
  • Check on screen for any errors
  • Recheck that you typed the command correctly
  • Use your device's shortcut keys for screen rotation based on other online help guides covering your computing device.

Why run xrandr to fix screen rotation

You might find that you've mistakenly rotated your screen in Kali.  It's different for each PC so here is a quick command you can run in a terminal to fix it.