How to install the drivers for AWUS036ACH in Kali Linux

Overview of installing the drivers for AWUS036ACH in Kali Linux

Open a terminal in Kali Linux and execute the installation

First, run the following command to update the packages within Kali's operating system.

apt update


Next, run the following command to install the driver that supports the AWUS036ACH device.

apt -y install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms

How to verify the driver is installed

  1. The indicator light on the device should start to flash, indicating that the device active
  2. In your terminal, type ifconfig to show the interfaces. You should now see an additional wireless interface (e.g. wlan1), assuming your PC already had a wireless interface called wlan0.

Troubleshooting tips if the device is not detected

In minor cases the device may not be detected by the OS after you install the drive, try one or more of the following:
  • Re-connect the cables to the device (the AWUS036ACH adapter) and PC to test for a physical issue.
  • Restart your operating system and run ifconfig again to see if the OS detects the device.
  • Update your Kali system packages or upgrade the entire distribution to the latest available.
  • Search online for other solutions that worked for others.

Why install the drivers for AWUS036ACH in Kali Linux

The main reason most security professionals use adapters like this from Alfa is that they support monitor mode which is essential for successfully executing many Penetration Tests against Wifi.