It's a standard within WISC that each member respects each other's privacy. Additionally, we do not try to track any user in our group with cookies or analytics scripts. Despite this, each member must be responsible and only share information about themselves which they are comfortable with the community on a whole viewing.

We recommend that members do not include the following types of in their MSG's to the group:

  • Home address
  • Banking information
  • Pictures of your children or other sensitive data
  • Favourite colours or answers to any security questions you have set up in your online life).
Automated privacy

The Discord application provides several privacy options within your user account, which allow you to control things such as:

  • Enable/disable direct messaging and filtering direct messages by content
  • Who can add you as a friend
  • Whether or not to allow Discord to use your usage data to customise your experience
  • Optionally downloading your account's data

Caption: Privacy & Safety option menu (Desktop).

Example 1 of Privacy & Safety area within a user account on Desktop.

Example 2 of Privacy & Safety area within a user account on Desktop.

Note: The above is only a guide, and it's expected that each member will act responsibly.

If you have any concerns regarding your privacy, please email the details to

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