Periodically we have giveaways to members based on support from our sponsors. Giveaways include things such as:

  • Books (both physical and digital
  • Flash drives and gadgets
  • Sponsored in-person meet-ups
  • Pluralsight vouchers
  • SEO Scans (a continuous giveaway, never expires)
  • Website security scans (a continuous giveaway, never expires)
  • and more, based on demand

It's important to note that Verified members of CCST enrolled in the Personal Development Program receive at least 60% priority.

To benefit from a periodic giveaway or a continuous giveaway, the CCST member must submit the online request form. The link to the form is available in the #giveaways channel.

Admins reserve the right to select the Members who would most benefit from a giveaway based on those who requested something. As such, it is not based on who submits a request first.

Please also consult the #giveaways channel for additional information. You may send queries to an admin in the group (@T$MG, @hackinggavin, @rcrdhs).

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