Screenshot of demo project Screenshot example of what your potential Personal Development project.

Our Personal Development (PD) program helps our members manage and achieve their goals in a structured way through mentorship and coaching. We have 1-on-1 sessions and communications where we help you define and achieve your goals over the short and long term through mentorship and coaching. Your mentor or coach does not have to be a member of the group to be added to your PD project in Asana, which is managed by us.

To sign-up, please follow the three (3) steps below.

1. Download the Asana app on your mobile and create a free account.
2. DM an admin with your email address.

We will create a customised Personal Development project for you in our Asana account and add you to it (using the email address of your Asana account) so that you can also view and edit all your tasks towards along with your mentor and coach.

3. Use the project along with your mentor and coach

Now, you'll be set up and can use the project to create, manage and track tasks towards your goals.

Note: Projects which appear to be inactive for a long time (2 months or more) based on the timelines you've set yourself, will be marked as dormant, the member will be contacted and if no response after a few weeks then the project will eventually be deleted.

Please send all queries either to an admin within the CCST group (@T$MG, @hackinggavin, @rcrdhs).

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