Improve your Resume or get a new one

WISC offers two(2) resume-related services and both are limited to Members WISC (women and girls) and **Verified** members of CCST (Our partner group- general IT).

1. Resume Creation - Get a refreshed design for your existing resume or submit details for a new resume.

2. Resume Review - Submit your existing resume for review and feedback to make it better.

  • Resume Review Caribbean - Visit, click submit and use the form.
  • Visit:

Note: Resume Review Caribbean is a separate initiative from the resume design service but gives WISC members priority.


Getting help
Please post you

  1. You can post your in the group in the channel called #get-help or within the group you can DM an admin (@HackingGavin#8379, @Nika#7749)
  2. You can always submit a support request here in our helpdesk.
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