gBank - Virtual bank for members of our Discord groups


Note. This idea should go live sometime in March 2022. 

Members of your Discord groups can access a virtual pool of funds. Currently, the pool is US$3,200 (equivalent to J$500,000 Or TT$ 21,600).

There are two (2) types of funds:

  1. Repayable - This is a non-cash loan, currently in the form of a certification voucher.
  2. Non-Repayable - This is a non-cash reward and covers things such as: 
    • Members can incentivise themselves for contributing an article to the blog of their Discord group. Get more info on contributing articles here.
    • Members can incentivise themselves to present on an educational topic to members of either our CCT or WISC Discord group. Get more info on contributing presentations here.



  • gBank is exclusively for Verified members of CCST & WISC.
  • Those who have a Personal Development Project in Asana will get priority.
  • Limit of $60 per Verified Member per month - To allow multiple persons to have a chance to claim something each month from the pool of funds, a single member can only claim a maximum of US$60 per month, except if they claim a certificate voucher (which is normally more than $60). 



How to apply

Please complete the form below.

When you submit, it will automatically create a support ticket here in this helpdesk  and we'll do our checks and respond to you.



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