Something Nice for our Discord groups


Something Nice is a non-profit initiative to support members of our Discord groups to do good for someone else using the funds allocated for each month. Currently, the fund is US$100 per month.


The requestor must be a Level 2 verified (ID) member.


Required Steps

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Await approval by email.
  3. Payment
  4. Blog feature


Note: by default, in the blog post we do not share the identity of the beneficiary, but for legitimacy, we do share the name of the member who requested to use the fund and details of the good deed.









  • The member will receive a response to their submission by email, which tells them whether their deed has been approved or declined.
  • Submissions will be considered only from level 2 verified (ID verified) members. A member can request to be ID verified either before or after submitting an article.
  • The submitted presentation must either be owned by the member or be an original presentation. Do not copy someone else's presentation.



  • Payments related to our Something Nice initiative are typically made within a few days of the submission being approved.
  • Payments can only be made to the member who presented.
  • Note: We try to facilitate different forms of payments as best as we can. Based on the country the member is in, there may be limitations on payment methods.

Blog feature

We will work with the requesting member to create a blog post highlighting the good deed. By default, we do not share the names of the beneficiaries.

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