Level 2 (ID Verified) Members of our Discord groups can remotely access a private virtual machine with a premium proofreading software.

How to get started

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Await approval and setup.
  3. Schedule your usage time.
  4. Access the VM


1. Form



2. Await approval and setup

Once we verify the requesting member was a level 2 status, then they will receive an email confirming that they have been approved and that their remote access has been set up.


3. Schedule your usage time.

Visit the channel #VM-Proofreading and select a date and time from the online calendar to use the VM. This helps to minimise more than one user accessing the VM at the same time (scheduling conflicts).


Note: Only Level-2 (ID Verified) members can see this channel.


4. Access the VM

  • For security purposes, please store your password in a Password Manager. Requests for resending of passwords receive the lowest priority in the ticket queue.
  • Each member's Remote Access ID explicitly added to an allow list. If a member shares their password with another user, they will not be able to log in.
  • For security purposes, all attempts to log in are logged.
  • Any user detected to be performing suspicious activities will either be suspended or banned from accessing the service.


General Terms

Only use the VM to proofread non-sensitive documents.

  • This VM must only be used for non-sensitive personal documents as it is a shared VM. E.g. educational documents, personal blog articles.

Members must not use the VM to proofread sensitive documents (e.g. private business documents), or it will be at their own risk. The primary risk we want to minimise/eliminate is that a member might forget to remove their sensitive document and it gets exposed to the next scheduled user. This can have serious consequences depending on what that sensitive document contained.

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