Digital library for members of our Discord group


It is a private online repository with read-only access to various pieces of educational content, such as third-party research, ebooks, laws, guides frameworks and more.

Our library is only accessible to Level-2 Members (ID Verified) members of our Discord Community.


Who can access the library

Only LEVEL-2 (ID-Verified) members of our Discord groups who are also Caribbean Nationals can access our online library of educational IT e-books and PDF documents.

After verification, we add your email address to an authorised list, otherwise, you will not be able to successfully log in, even though the log in link is public.


How to get started

  1. You must be a member of either our CCST or WISC Discord group.
  2. Apply for access at
  3. Await an email response with directions on how to get verified.
  4. Show up to the online session to get verified by an agent by displaying your ID.
  5. Await an email confirming your verification is now complete, your email address will be authorised to log into the library.
  6. Access the digital library of resources with the link provided.

Note: If you are already a Level-2 (ID verified) member, then no additional verification is required. You can simply request access to the library.



Are you having an issue logging in?

Please read the following first before creating a support ticket:

  • Were you already ID verified? If not, then your email address is not in the authorised list to log in.
  • Are you logging in with the same email address you signed up with for membership?
  • Are you using Gmail, Yahoo, or some other non-Microsoft email address? If yes, you must use that same email address to signup for a free Microsoft account at before you can use it to log in. This is because the Library runs on Microsoft SharePoint which allows only Microsoft-related accounts to log in.
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