What is verification?

We maintain an optional identity verification system for our following two (2) Discord groups to help keep our communities safe.

  • CCST - Caribbean Cyber Support Team
  • WISC - Women in InfoSec Caribbean

Verification is critical to ensure that only the persons who qualify for certain benefits in our respective groups can receive them. For example, both CCST and WISC are dedicated to Caribbean people only, so someone who is not from the Caribbean should not be able to receive a Premium benefit.


What are the premium benefits?

Premium benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Access to our digital library
  • Ability to get your own Cloud Server
  • Resume creation support
  • Personal development projects
  • Interest-free educational loans (coming soon)
  • Paid gigs


Verification levels

There are two levels of verification. They are:

  • Level 1 - Self-verified.
  • Level 2 - ID-verified.


Level-1 Verification

This requires members to post a brief bio about themself in the respective channel for personal bios.

  • This is primarily for the benefit of other members to know who they are chatting with in the group.
  • Once a member does this, a moderator or admin will update your display name to match the following format. First name initial of last name and country. E.g. Gavin D. | Jamaica 


Level-2 Verification

This requires members to join an online session with one of our representatives where the member must hold their ID to the camera while on live video so the representative can verify their identity.

Level-2 verification is primarily for our benefit as group administrators to maintain the integrity of who benefits from our offers.

Note: We do not copy or store identification documents from the online verification sessions.


How to become Level 2 Verified?

You can register to get verified by selecting a date from the online calendar below.

Does verification expire?

No, once you are ID-Verified, it is permanent and tied to your profile in our Discord group.

If you switch to a new Discord account, you must be re-verified. 



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