2020 State of Malware Report by MalwareBytes


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1. Executive summary

1.1.1. Methodology

2. Key takeaways

3. Windows threat landscape 2019

3.1.1. Consumer threat categories
3.1.2. Business threat categories
3.1.3. Consumer threat families
3.1.4. Business threat families
3.1.5. Family deep dive
3.1.6. Windows threats summary

4. Mac threat landscape 2019

4.1.1. Top Mac threats
4.1.2. Family deep dive Mac edition
4.1.3. iOS
4.1.4. Mac threat summary

5. Android threat landscape 2019

5.1.1. Preinstalled malware
5.1.2. HiddenAds
5.1.3. Monitor category stalkerware
5.1.4. Android threat summary

6. Web threat landscape 2019

6.1.1. Compromised infrastructure
6.1.2. Web skimmers
6.1.3. Exploit kits
6.1.4. Malvertising and redirection campaigns
6.1.5. Web threats summary

7. Regional threats 2019

7.1.1. NORAM threat landscape
7.1.2. EMEA threat landscape
7.1.3. APAC threat landscape
7.1.4. LATAM threat landscape

8. Top industry threats

8.1.1. Services
8.1.2. Education
8.1.3. Retail

9. Data privacy in 2019

9.1.1. Data privacy in commerce
9.1.2. Data privacy in US law
9.1.3. Data privacy summary

10. 2020 Cybersecurity predictions

11. Conclusion



This article was contributed by Jason Jacobs from Guyana. Jason is a member of our CCT Professional Community on Discord. CCT means Caribbean Cyber Team.