Scope: Discord groups of WISC and CCST.

To join any of our Discord groups you must:

  1. Click on an invite link relating to the group
  2. Log in with your Discord account.

Where to find a link:

You can find the main invite link by visiting the main websites of the initiative and clicking the “Join Now” button. usually created by someone from the group. Usually this

  1. Clicking an invite link from the group.
  2. Searching for the group's name on the Discord platform.

Note: If you don't already have a Discord account, you will then need to create an account at the log in screen, and then you will be automatically let into the group.

Clicking an invite link

A standard invite link is usually available on the website relating to the initiative or on its social media page. Based on the group that applies to you, please visit the using the link below and then click a “Join Now” button:

Additionally, members of the group can create individual invite links themselves and send it others asking them to join. You only need to accept an invite link once.

Please remember to download the Discord mobile app so you can keep up with conversations faster.

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